The captive, test subject as they liked to call her, was violent. Already she had killed three of "scientists" that had come to preform more tests "for the good of humanity", they said. Such was her lust for blood, she was contained behind a thick iron door and  sleeping gas was poured in to her chamber so she could not escape once they opened the door. They barley kept her alive; she sat, chained, staring in to the darkness for an eternity...
     "Daddy, my dolly broke," said Sarah, holding up her plastic doll and the separated arm in her four and a half hands toward her father, Dr. Cliff.
     "That's too bad," Dr. Cliff responded, absentmindedly. He was busy making adjustments on a computer, none of which Sarah understood.
     "But..." She persisted, but her father sighed and turned around.
     "Listen, Sarah, I'm very busy right now and can't be interrupted. Why don't you just run along and find something else to do?" Sarah gazed sadly at him as he finished typing and pressed his hand against a censor near his desk. He reached toward a lighted button on a control panel, when a man burst into the room.
     "Subject r-14 responded to testing and is attacking the test group!"
     Dr. Cliff jumped up and exited the room. Sarah was alone. She was looking curiously at a small green light that had come on when her father had touched the pad. She got onto the chair and, ignoring, the strange symbols marked around it, pressed it. Instantly, the hard iron door on the opposite wall of the desk slid open. Sarah stared past the door into the darkness. She got off the chair...
     She sat in the darkness, waiting. They would come again. They always did. The cold steel bit into her bare ankle as she huddled against the wall. Last time, she had fought them when the came; three of them had stopped moving and were dragged out into the light beyond her world. Never had she left the small, damp box that held her. They came from the light, she knew that, they were the only ones who existed besides herself. But they had hurt her; she could fight, she had never seen the three still men since last time. The only way that she could end the pain that arrived in the cases they carried with them was to make them all silent; she could fight.
     The walls around her rumbled as the gateway to her world opened, light spilling into the prison and lighting up the gray stone. Her corner remained in shadow, but she blinked and cringed against the brightness. Now was the time she could fight, to secure a blissful life in her corner. She waited, tense, for them to come. Silence remained dominate for an eternity more, when a small voice cried out in to the darkness,
     Sarah stepped into the room. She saw a movement in the corner and hesitated. She called out, but no response came. A figure sat against the wall, barely distinguishable in the darkness. as she walked toward the figure, it slowly stood up, metal clinking against the stone. Sarah drew closer, staring up into the prisoner's face. They were red and dull, glaring down at her in pure hatred. Sarah held up her doll and said,
     "Can you fix my doll?"
     She stared down at the small figure holding the thing, the unknown creature gazing up at her without the slightest trace of disgust or grim indifference. Her vision of the monster before her changed, showing her a small...thing (she must have not been of the same species of the fiends she knew) with eyes; blue eyes, a soft and warm color she had never known. They were... pleading, though not with the scared cowardice the few other creatures contained before she had made them still.
   Something thudded painfully in the cavity of her chest, shocking her enough to form a new word.
   This little thing saw her as something other than another animal that could be forced into movement and pain. Instead, she was now someone who mattered enough to be brought a sacred item treasured by a higher race (but were they a higher race? this creature was looking up to her, as though such a thing were possible!) and trusted with the responsibility of restoring it to its original grandeur.
   Her mind flooded with new words and meanings, brought by a fire raging pleasantly inside her... she felt that, if asked, she would preform any service to please this small animal for bringing her a new sense of...hope.
   She took the plastic shape, turning it over until she saw the obvious solution. The moment she popped the other plastic part into its socket, the ... thing's (for lack of a better word) face lit up gratitude. She felt the caked slime and muck on her face crack as her mouth twitched upward unintentionally, but satisfyingly as though the twitch flew away everything else in the damp, cold world except the pure light that shone from the child's (was she called a child? it sounded right) face.
   Maybe they could go... together...back into the light; to see what was beyond the borders of the world, to feel the warmth...
Dr. Cliff sighed heavily as he walked back into subject m-86's laboratory. His breath caught in his lungs as he saw the metal doors standing open, with Sarah nowhere in sight. Panic flooded his mind instantly, causing him to grab a pistol off the wall rack and step swiftly into the darkness of the cage.
Sarah looked around as her dad stepped out of the light spilling from the doorway. She turned to him, holding up her doll excitedly.
   "Look, daddy, she fixed-" she began.
   "Get away from it, Sarah! It's not to be approached or trusted." Sarah felt confused. Wasn't he happy? her doll was fixed!
   "But-" She tried, her father cutting her off instantly.
   "Get AWAY!" he yelled, joining in with the gunshot ringing in the stale air.
She saw the despised creature run in through the light, bringing the sent of anger and fear with him. She knew that she should attack, kill, or put up defense. But she couldn't. Not after seeing those eyes. Why should she kill, when their was still hope and light left in the world?
    Pain stabbed through her; she couldn't breath; what...what had happened? Pain could not exist while their was still light left, pain was not possible. Why? She knew what she wanted now, she couldn't leave. But blackness.... the dark, senseless void closed in over the light. Not now, not when she had just found it, she didn't want to leave the pain, not if it meant losing the light, not now, not now, not-